The Deep Springs Stage Stop

Holiday Inn Six Flags HistoryFor almost 200 years, the Holiday Inn site has been a resting place for weary travelers. We’re proud to continue the tradition today.

At the turn of the 19th century, Native Americans in this area of Missouri wanted a stable source of water in times of drought. They dug deep springs on the present acreage of the Holiday Inn at Six Flags.

Over the next fifty years, as stagecoach travel increased, the land became known as the Deep Springs Stage Stop. It was an oasis, literally, a welcome, restful spot on the road. Travelers looked forward to the Deep Springs as their first “good water” after leaving the city of St. Louis.

The Community Farm

The city of St. Louis continued to grow through the 19th century; as the city grew, impoverished people moved further west. County officials decided to purchase the Deep Springs site and build a farm to assist people, giving them a place to live and work, as they moved out of the city.

The county employed Irish stone masons, who began constructing the large rock building which still stands today. The building, which was to serve as a dormitory, now serves as the center of the Holiday Inn at Six Flags complex. The two-story, L-shaped barn houses the Hay Market Restaurant, banquet rooms, and spacious convention facilities inside handcrafted limestone walls up to 36 inches thick.

The Horse Hospital

The Civil War and ensuing financial difficulties stopped the construction of the building and farm. But the acreage was not left alone for long. An eminent St. Louis veterinarian, Dr. Charles Crowley, saw the potential. He bought the land and converted the building and grounds into a Horse Hospital, complete with boarding stables, a horse stock farm, and accommodations for those heading to the National Stockyards in East St. Louis with their cattle and sheep.

The Holiday Inn at Six Flags

After Dr. Crowley’s death in the 1930’s, the land changed hands several times and went through several small evolutions. The champion sire Bar Money made his home in the barn for a time. In 1975, the Eckelkamp family purchased the land and began work to develop it into the resort facility you now enjoy. The grand opening of 1981 was followed by years of enjoyment.

The Holiday Inn at Six Flags continues the tradition of hospitality. With 65 acres of beautiful land, well appointed guest rooms, an in-house restaurant, convention facilities, banquet rooms, and indoor swimming and recreation areas, it is a beautiful resort with quick access to major area attractions.

After 200 years, the Holiday Inn at Six Flags is still an oasis for weary travelers.

Holiday Inn at Six Flags: Our Timeline
  • Early 1800s: Native Americans dig deep springs on the land; as stagecoach travel grows, the land is known as “Deep Springs Stage Stop.”
  • Mid 1800s: St. Louis County purchases the land; construction of a farm and large rock building ensues but is halted by the Civil War.
  • 1894: Dr. Charles Crowley, a veterinarian, purchases the land and converts the barn into a “horse hospital.”
  • 1975: The Eckelkamp family purchases the Deep Springs site and develops it into the current resort facility.
  • 1981: Grand opening of the resort.
  • 2017: We continue to be the best choice for your Six Flags vacation.