A Quick Look at the Town of Eureka, MO

The Holiday Inn at Six Flags is located in the town of Eureka, MO, a sweet little suburb with a population of right around 10,000 people. It’s a small enough town that folks are friendly, not formal, and if you hang around for more than a day or two you’ll start to see familiar faces. But it’s a big enough town that you can find plenty to do in your downtime: there’s a quaint downtown with cute shops, plenty of restaurants, and many community events.

The official Eureka, MO website gives an overview of the town’s history. The area was first inhabited by the Shawnee Indians, then became a village in 1858 after the Missouri Pacific Railroad came through in 1853.  Railroads have long been an important part of the area’s history. Residents who live close to the tracks don’t even notice the sound of the trains coming through, and railroad history is often part of community celebrations such as Eureka Days, an annual event.

Eureka was incorporated as a city in 1954; at that time, it covered 2.7 square miles. It’s grown now to cover over 9 square miles. The arrival of Six Flags in 1970 has been a huge, ongoing boost to the city’s economy, as it brings in tourists from near and far all summer long.

When you visit Eureka, you’ll find a strong community with regular events such as a Fall Family Fest, a holiday lights competition, a weekend-long Eureka Days celebration, and, in summer, open-air movie nights and live bands in the parks and on the plaza. When it comes to shopping, you can find major box stores as in most towns; but you’ll also find a huge antique mall, a fine arts and crafts gallery, and specialty shops such as Dragonfly Designs, The Golden Horseshoe, Busy Bee Stitchery, Toadly Frog, Axia Fine Jewelry, and The Angels Garden.

Locals know where to get a great meal in Eureka, and you shouldn’t miss out while you’re here. Visit Joe Boccardi’s for pizza, pasta, or wings,  Super Smokers for amazing barbecue, or ChikN Elly’s for homestyle food (and great fried chicken) you can’t stop eating. Of course, after a day of shopping and a satisfying meal, you’ll be ready for a great night’s sleep… right back here at the Holiday Inn.

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