So You Forgot Your Anniversary…

Quick marriage quiz: when you realize your anniversary is two days away and you totally forgot to plan anything for it, what should you do?

  • Option 1: go home, ‘fess up, and hope for the best?
  • Or Option 2: figure something out and fast.

We’re not marriage experts, but we’re going to recommend you just go with Option 2. And fortunately, we’re here to help you out with it. You can do this. Take a deep breath and proceed.

Step 1: Call us… now!

We’ve got just what you need: a Romantic Getaway Package that will make it seem like you planned for weeks to pull it off. When you reserve a room with this package, you’ll be greeted with a bottle of champagne or wine, a cheese and fruit plate for two, and a complimentary dinner for two at the Hay Market Restaurant. We even provide silk rose petals on the bed.

Step 2: Make it a weekend.

After a perfectly romantic night at the Holiday Inn, you’ll be ready to get out and enjoy the surrounding area, get some quality together time, and relax. You can enjoy breakfast in bed via room service, or come down to the restaurant for our full breakfast menu. Then head out for some local shopping; Eureka is home to a large antiques mall, a fine arts and crafts gallery, and many specialty shops along the main road and in the downtown that is perfect for strolling.

Visit one of the area restaurants for a light lunch, then head to downtown St. Louis for the afternoon. You can stroll through the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, the Art Museum in Forest Park, take in Laclede’s Landing by the river, or go up in the Gateway Arch for a great view of the city. Do a little more shopping at the Galleria or Plaza Frontenac, then enjoy dinner out at one of the many fine restaurants in the city.

When you’re ready to call it a day, it’s a quick ride back to the Holiday Inn for another restful, romantic night. You know, for a weekend without a plan, you’ve pulled together something pretty special.

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